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What My Clients Say About My Coaching

I take no credit for my clients’ breakthroughs. It is they who do the work and achieve the results. I am, however, grateful for my intuition, which I trust unquestionably. It guides me in understanding my clients’ challenges. Coaching only works if there is the full commitment from both sides, combined with the right chemistry between coach and client. There is no recipe for this; either it works or it doesn’t. All the people I worked with have been a great inspiration to me and the coaching relationship that we created in the process is something truly remarkable.

I have never consulted a medium and was a bit uncertain about connecting with the other side. When I found Deb Roffe, I appreciated her light touch. Her insight and open nature invite the energy from both sides of the curtain to step forward, lean in and hear from one another. The experience of working with Deb and being guided by her was healing to the process of knowing and seeing myself in a new light.

Heather S.

Psychic Client

I was skeptical about being able to learn how to enhance my intuition. I thought you were either born with strong intuition, or you weren’t. I was wrong. Over the year I worked with her, Deb taught me simple, effective techniques to increase my intuition. If you want to strengthen the intuition you already possess, call Deb. ~ Christy


Coaching Client

I have participated in 2 life coaching events and have had several readings with Deb. She is honest, kind, sensitive, with a terrific sense of humor, too. The coaching inspired me to rock climb and hike to the summit of a mountain. The readings have been accurate and enlightening. I trust Deb with the most important of my affairs.


Coaching Client

I was enlightened, amazed, inspired and amused by Deb’s reading. She was able to lock into the things that are going on in my life with me and my loved ones. She was not attached to being ‘right’, but instead focused on being a channel for me. Deb is awesome! ~ Kim


Psychic Client

I have been working with Deb for 15+ years and highly recommend her services. She has provided emotional support and tools for a variety of life crises during this time. I have also attended several of Deb’s classes, and especially enjoy the “Vision Board” class. Deb is a trusted but non-judgmental friend. Deb is very intuitive and empathetic and uses these gifts to genuinely care for her clients.


Coaching Client

I have been Deb’s client for years now, and lucky to benefit from the many facets of her amazing gift. But equally important to me has been her kindness, patience, and empathy. She has helped me profoundly, through more than one very challenging time. I am truly grateful for her help.


Coaching Client

After our son died, Deb was incredibly helpful. Both her guidance through the grieving process and helping us under-stand our son’s passing were very special to me. While dealing with spiritual and other-worldly matters, Deb is very practical and down to earth. And kind. 


Psychic Client

I am so grateful for Deb. Deb has helped me fine tune my meditation practice and provided me guidance on how to tap directly into my intuition. With these skills, I am now better able to navigate the world, and help those around me without feeling depleted or overstretched. I am so appreciative of Deb's help and guidance.

Marianne M.

Coaching Client

The psychic session I had with Deb was incredibly eye opening. She nailed what was going on in my life without me giving her any clues. I came into the session confused and foggy about major changes occurring in my business and personal relationships. Her intuitive gifts exposed resources I have in my life that I had forgotten all about. She also validated what I had been thinking but had not even admitted aloud. She was reading my thoughts and energy field from miles away! I left the session with confidence and a deep sense of clarity about my next steps. A wonderful bonus was receiving the recording of our call, which I continue to refer back to. If you are at a crossroads in your life and have any confusion or doubt about upcoming changes and/or decisions to be made…Deb is the clear choice as your go-to psychic. You will be blown away by her insights and grateful you called her!

Devon Combs

CEO of Beyond the Arena,
Coaching Client

After 8 years, it is impossible to choose words to justify the tremendous guidance I have received during each monthly session. I am a walking mastermind of confusion and your clarity is impeccable. Followed by your passionate coaching. Thank you for all the knowledge and insight. I know I am a better person because of you!


Coaching Client

Deb is a truly amazing guide along this path of life. She is a rare combination of psychic and coach, which makes her uniquely capable of helping people in whatever areas of life they are seeking guidance. Deb Combines the qualities of an intuitive, experienced, compassionate coach, with her extraordinarily accurate psychic readings, and uncanny ability to know what is going on underneath the surface. This enables her to get to the core of a person’s issues and challenges, and coach from that place. I have been a coach myself for 20 years, and will still seek out Deb’s help when I am in need of guidance that goes beyond the surface level. She has provided me counsel that has been invaluable in so many aspects of my life. There are a lot of good coaches out there, but Deb brings a whole other dimension to her coaching, Her rare combination of psychic and coach is one of the best kept secrets around. You will be amazed at the insight and support that comes out of working with Deb. If you want new insight into all parts of your life, do not wait—contact her today.

Paula Friedland

Counselor, Life Coach, Corporate Trainer, Public Speaker.

I have been working with Deb for years now and she is a powerful yet sensitive force of energy for positive change in my life. Deb’s intuitive and psychic abilities are strong and she has generously taught me many techniques for shifting energy in my own life, which as a spiritual person is deeply intriguing to me. I trust Deb and am grateful for her reflection of myself as I walk through life’s ups and downs. I recently told Deb that I know she is a Boddhisatva here to help others on their path to happiness. Thank you Deb.

A Coaching Client

Longtime Coaching Client

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