Psychic Coach Deb's Services

Psychic Coach Deb offers a host of services. Here is a current list of what services Deb provides via telephone:
Psychic life coaching
Psychic readings and healings
• Aura healings and chakra balancing
• Angels and guides
• Departed souls /mediumship
• Medical intuitive
• Past life healings
• Home and Business Clearings/Healings
• Pet Communication
• Psychic development
• Group readings

Psychic Life Coaching

Coaching enables you to identify personal, meaningful goals and helps you achieve results that exceed your expectations. Coaching is not traditional therapy or counseling. Instead, it is geared toward motivating you to be your best and look for the resources necessary to achieve your dreams.

Aura Healings

Every sentient being has an aura. Sometimes, other energies that do not belong to us can get stuck in our auras. Deb is able to see your aura and perform an aura clearing/healing of your energy field, which will open you to more awareness of what you are projecting and receiving.

Chakra Balancing

Chakras are energy centers in our bodies that can get clogged up, preventing energy from flowing easily through our bodies. Deb is able to perform a chakra balancing that clears and aligns your chakras so that energy flows freely, creating a deep sense of well-being.

Angels & Guides

Deb is able to see and connect with angels, archangels, ascended masters, and other spirit guides. Oftentimes, they come forward to offer protection, comfort, guidance, information, and support, all in an effort to assure you that you are not alone and, no matter, that all is well and you are loved. If you have a strong desire to communicate with your guardian angels and spirit guides, Deb offers readings to connect you.

Departed Souls & Mediumship

Deb specializes in reading and moving energy around departed spirits. Losing a life partner, a child, family member, a friend, or a pet due to unexpected circumstances has the potential to put you and your life into a tailspin. Getting another opportunity to communicate or say goodbye can provide comfort and peace and the ability for you to move forward. Knowing your loved one is still there, by getting a sign or an answer to a question, can help to ease your pain and grief.

Past Life Healings

If someone is stuck or has a repeating or recurring pattern, it’s often related to a past life rather than your current life. Once Deb identifies and is able to see the past life, it can be brought up into present time to be looked at, to acknowledge and learn from it, and then to be cleared away, breaking the old pattern. The process of letting go of the past allows you to step into present-day freedom.

Home/Business Cleaning & Healings

Whether your home or business needs a clearing or healing, Deb can perform, with the help of Spirit, “spiritual feng shui,” to create the vibration you want for your home or business. Sometimes energy needs to be moved out that no longer belongs there, whether from previous owners, tenants, or from their belongings, and Deb can assist with their departure, replacing that energy with energies that will support your life. Clearings/healings are performed remotely.

Medical Intuitive

As a former nurse, Deb brings another dimension to her work with clients. She is able to see energy and gain clarity about what is going on with your physical body. She also has the ability to bring in messages from Spirit that can help you with any health challenges you may be dealing with.

Pet Communications

Have you been wondering what’s going on with your pet, whether they are alive or have crossed over? Have you been curious about what they’re thinking and feeling or what’s behind a behavioral change?  Deb can provide insights into your pet’s behaviors and their needs on a psychic level. Animals communicate with Deb, so anything she can do to assist people, she can do for animals. And, if your pet has recently disappeared, she can help you find your lost animal.

Psychic Development

Do you know you’re intuitive but have been afraid to tap into it more deeply? Do you have a sense that you may be clairvoyant, clairaudient, or clairsentient? Students who want to deepen their psychic abilities find that working with Psychic Coach Deb provides a structured, safe way to approach their psychic development. Deb’s goal is to help you feel less afraid and to see and feel your abilities as gifts.

Group Readings

Group readings are a powerful and profound way to experience Spirit. What is most amazing is that whether the participants know each other or not, we discover common threads amongst them. This “connection” happens every single time, revealing the most unimaginable associations. Group readings are energizing and fun, as well as eye-opening.

30-Minute Free Telephone Coaching

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