Psychic Life Coaching

Psychic life coaching sessions allows you to work on specific areas in your life, which may include goals you’d like to attain.

There are Differences

Coaching differs from counseling because we focus more on specific areas that either you have identified or that are revealed to us as we work together, all with an intention to move forward rather than focus on the past. We actively work at uncovering blocks and any resistance to change that is getting in the way of moving forward. We tap into our intuition to discover the support you need to bring into focus the vision you hold for your life. It’s a dynamic process that allows you to refine your objectives along the way. I provide support throughout the process and valuable psychic insights.


During each session, we use meditation, visualization, tools and techniques for grounding and protection, and establish energetic boundaries to create a safe space and sacred container for us to work within. From that space, we are able to gain more clarity in order to focus on your aspirations and goals and uncover what may be preventing you from moving forward, so that you can more comfortably go out into the world. As an organic process, there is oftentimes homework related to our session together. Before concluding, we will also set up accountability between us.

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