Psychic Coach Deb Roffe

From the time Deb was a little girl, she knew she could see things that were not of this world. Not having any framework for understanding, she kept quiet. As a little girl, she kept it all secret. From that young age, Deb also realized she knew things other people didn’t know. Sometimes, she knew about events and circumstances before they happened. Deb started to understand that what she “saw” wasn’t coincidence—these happenings were something she actually “knew.”

Leading with Intuition

Years later, when Deb became a certified life coach, she began to use her intuition in her coaching practice. The more people wanted it, the more willing she was to lead with her intuition. After Deb’s mom died, who also had abilities to “see” and “hear,” Deb began working with a psychic and, for a year, talked to her mom through the psychic. That’s when she realized she wanted to strengthen her own psychic gifts.

A New Direction

After a few years of psychic study, she began offering psychic readings to clients, as a separate business from her life coaching practice. Deb worked hard to keep these two worlds apart from each other, afraid that her coaching clients would be frightened away by her psychic abilities, and afraid that her clients who sought a psychic reading would not be open to coaching. When she began to share with her clients about her broader abilities, they often sought out coaching or psychic readings and then wanted the other as well, in order to understand and integrate all of the messages that came through her from Spirit.

Deb's Guidance

Today, Deb understands that these gifts were given to her to integrate into her practice. As Psychic Coach Deb, she uses any and all of her gifts—her intuitive guidance, psychic mediumship, energetic healing, and life coaching—to help clients discover their true essence, inherent gifts, and life purpose.

With her guidance, they also discover their deeper knowing—their intuition and higher wisdom—to guide them to reach their dreams and live their best life.

As Deb says...

“Now, I have come around to realize I have been blessed with incredible gifts and have seen the huge impact my services have made for hundreds of clients. I don’t want to hide or compartmentalize them anymore."

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