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Stained-Glass Angels

Each one-of-a-kind angel designed by Deb is made out of scrap glass and “grandmas’ junkie jewelry.” Each angel has its own personality and is a labor of love. Sometimes the angels that come to life are hard for Deb to let go of, but she knows with certainty that they always find their way to the right person. Deb’s angels have empowered people’s lives. Spirit even guides people to the right angel for them. Each angel has been infused with energy that comes through Deb—specific and unique for that angel.

Deb is also able to create angels for people out of jewelry they have from someone who has crossed over. For more information about commissioned work, please contact Deb.

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Mountains are a metaphor for life. In Reach Your Summit and Beyond, you’ll uncover the life lessons collected from years of mountain climbing.

This is your guidebook to a more rewarding and satisfying life that will direct your path to fulfillment. If you are striving to achieve more, whether personally or professionally, open these pages and begin the journey. You just might be surprised at how high you can climb.

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